It’s Been a Month!

So this week marks one month that I’ve had my WebSite and Blog on the air, and have been writing and encouraging people to read.

I thought I’d post this brief note to just say THANK YOU! to those that have read, have shared the URL with their friends, and to those that have commented on the blog, offered me additional info or corrections, or sent me an email with their thoughts… the response has been really special.

This exercise has been so important to me on a number of levels: I have been in contact again with people that I really wish I saw or talked to much more often, truly amazing! I have excitedly jotted down notes and topic ideas and taken pictures, all in the name of “a future post” – which is actually what I do normally, but now it seems more structured and (dare I say?) useful. I have learned about interesting subjects in more depth. I have (re-)organized my DropBox and Google Photos so that I have an improved chance of finding that one particular photo I have in my minds eye when I’m writing a post. I have continued to learn Finnish language despite my course being put on hold due to covid-19 physical distancing restrictions. I have delved into learning about Finnish governance and election methods, Finland’s national holidays, flag days, and associated traditions, all in the name of future posts. Research which I believe will bear fruit on this blog, but has already made me a more knowledgeable, respectful, and engaged resident.

Mostly, it has been a place for me to (attempt to) focus myself throughout the course of this scary time in our world. Despite my growing love for Finland, and the relative health safety that being bunkered down here has afforded, it has been difficult not being in the US near family and friends and familiar things.

So, Kiitos! (thank you) again for letting me create here, share here, and connect with you. It’s therapeutic to say the very least. I’m grateful for the technology that is supporting my effort, and am most grateful for the people who are making it meaningful.

UPDATE 7-May: Website stats show 1000+ views on my pages as of today! I hope people continue to check in with it periodically and are still enjoying learning a bit about Finland with me 🙂

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  1. So many tributaries of information flowing into your blog. I have made many trips to Google to further explore your fascinating stories. Thank you!

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