The First Two Things You’ll Hear

When we first starting interacting with Finns, whether they were work colleagues, relo related, or whomever we’d have a brief conversation with, two things would be mentioned. No kidding. These same two things. Every time. We have duly loaded these into our hearts and minds as foundational for our existence here in Finland. I’m sure there are many many other things that should be in that baseline set of cornerstone knowledge and we’ll continue to build on that as we go… but these are the main two as initially instructed: Finland has 1) ‘Everyman’s Rights’ and 2) The highest quality tap water in the world.

Let’s break them down:

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What were we getting ourselves into?  For years we have played “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” about our families travel adventures, particularly Tammy’s far flung and frequent business trips.  I had certainly travelled extensively both for work as well as personally, including extended stays in Manila, Tel Aviv, and Cork.  But to actually MOVE!?!  Well, this was an entirely new vedenkeitin kaloja (kettle of fish 😉 )…

I guess I’ll start at a very high level overview of the country itself.  In fact, this is so high level as to have been inspired by the Finnair in-flight magazine, BlueWings.  I’m completely enamored with this graphic, and spend many minutes staring at it each and every time I’m on a Finnair leg. I’ve snipped a version from a recent issue to share with you here…

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A Year Ago: ¡Olé!

Early March 2019 had us in Mexico! Coincident with Tammy’s birthday week was a work-related trip to a manufacturing facility outside of Guadalajara. As luck would have it, Jacob’s spring break from Georgetown was the same week. Another special piece of that week was the fact that our brother Braulio agreed to join us (by bus all the way from Vera Cruz!) After not having seen him since he left the US for his daughter’s Quinceañera, there were hugs and tears all around. We stayed in Guadalajara for a few days at historic Hotel Morales. While Tammy managed the business portion of the schedule, Jacob, Braulio and myself toured the beautiful old city center, had afternoon cocktails at the legendary Cantina La Fuente, visited the magnificent Jardín Botánico and sent photos of selected beautiful flowers to Tammy’s Mom, Dorothy, for her birthday on March 5th.

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Setting up this WebSite and Blog

I knew I wanted share pictures, recipes and stories from our stay here in Finland.  As many of you are no doubt aware, I love to share even the most mundane!?! So, this ‘moving to Finland’ non-mundane-ish-ness seemed as good an opportunity as any to figure out how to share stories.  Initially, I imagined I’d make and mail some snapfish-esque hardcover photo books as I have done in the past, but they can get pricey and don’t allow for more than a caption’s worth of words.  I’ve been reminded that the tide of my words cannot be stemmed, so printed photo books just weren’t going to cut it.  Further, books are fixed in time, and thus the need to create multiple iterations as our stay progressed.

So… I got to thinking that an ongoing live WebSite might be just the ticket.  It would allow for multi-media content, unrestrained verbiage, ongoing updates, and anyone could see it from anywhere they happened to be in the world. Bingo!  Now I just had to figure out how. 

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