Welcome!! This WebSite hosts a BLOG which will be a collection of stories… primarily based on current ongoing ex-pat experiences in Northern Finland.

“Tales from Abroad” or “Tales from a Broad”, the choice of emphasis is entirely yours. Both are true 😉

I merely wish to share some words. I love to read, have adored certain authors’ words, yet don’t write my own often enough. So, posting to my blog will serve as a personal challenge, and an opportunity to engage in my favorites:  learning, experiencing, taking pictures, curating and most importantly sharing.  I hope to weave in a bit of Finnish and European History, stories about culture, language, notable people, recipes, and of course anecdotes of personal activities.   I’m thinking of it like a ‘combo platter’!

I encourage you to make this interactive…  google topics that you find yourself interested in, shoot me an email about a thought or question, or in the comments, share your own tales.

Speaking of combo platters, this appetizer board is from an incredible dinner that I recently shared with my friend and former boss, Ron Webb, at Ravintola Nokka in Helsinki. It’s a bit of Finland on a plate: reindeer sausage, pickled wild mushrooms, smoked fishes, beets, and a celeriac puree. Mmmmm…

oval of combo platter

I hope you enjoy consuming these tales as much as I have enjoyed creating them!



I’m putting tonight’s dinner in the oven… thought I’d share! In the Karelian region, this long-cooking braised meat kind of stew is usually referred to as merely ‘oven stew’ (uunipaisti). In the rest of Finland, its known as Karjalanpaisti (Karelian Stew), and is very popular. The stew was traditionally prepared with wood-burning ovens after bread …


My name is Karin, a native Chicagoan currently living in Oulu Finland for an ex-pat assignment. I am excitedly learning about and enjoying Finnish things, and am happy to share a few thoughts, stories, pictures and recipes with you.

Go Cubbies! (and now also,) Hyvä Kärpät!